Health and Safety

The WACV 2022 committee is committed to providing the best possible conference experience for all participants. WACV 2022 is planning a hybrid meeting experience from January 4-8, 2022 in Waikoloa, Hawaii and online. 


WACV is taking the following steps to ensure the safety of attendees for a hybrid event:

·     Arranging the program to be in compliance with social distancing protocols set by the CDC and local government during all sessions and utilizing outdoor space, wherever possible.

·     Working with the local government to secure the necessary approval for an in-person meeting.

·     Establishing a robust virtual site for individuals who cannot attend in person, while maintaining the live features for our on-site attendees.


On-Site Safety Protocols

The health and safety of all WACV participants, volunteers and staff is a top priority. We will be implementing the safety protocols below for all in person attendees.


COVID-19 State of Hawaii Portal FAQ’s can be found here.

Safe Travels Hawaii Registration information can be found here.

Updated News about Covid-19 restrictions can be found here.


Vaccination: WACV 2022 will require in-person attendees and volunteers to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This request follows current HI travel guidelines. Details on the vaccine verification process will be shared soon.


Proof of Negative COVID-19 test results: Provide a negative COVID-19 negative test 72-hours prior to arrival in HI per current guidelines set in place for travel requirements to the state. Provide a negative test on Day-1 of the meeting. WACV 2022 will not cover expenses related to testing. Details on how and where to test locally will be shared soon.


Social Distancing: Space planning in all meeting rooms and activities will include social distancing.


Face Coverings: Will be required as per set guidelines and compliance per the state of HI and CDC recommendations.