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Reinforcement Learning and Bandits for Computer Vision

Baihan Lin (Columbia University)* and Djallel Bouneffouf (IBM) January 4 9:00A - 12:00P *In Person
Human-Machine Pairing to Improve Computer Vision Aidan Boyd, Daniel Moreira, Adam Czajka*, and Kevin Bowyer (University of Notre Dame) January 4 2:00P - 5:00P *In person
Binary Neural Networks and their Applications in Computer Vision Adrian Bulat (Samsung AI Center, Cambridge)*, Georgios Tzimiropoulos (Queen Mary University of London), and Lukas Cavigelli (Huawei Technologies) January 8  9:00A - 12:00P *In person
AI for commercial Driver Safety Hsien-Ting Cheng*, Ijaz Akhter, Ahmid Ali, Hussam Khan, Muhammad Faisal, Ali Hassan, and Ali Rehan (KeepTruckin Inc.) January 8 2:00P - 5:00P *In Person