Best Paper Awards

Best Student Paper

Agree to Disagree: When Deep Learning Models With Identical Architectures Produce Distinct Explanations

Matthew S Watson (Durham University); Bashar Awwad Shiekh Hasan (Amazon); Noura Al Moubayed (University of Durham)


Best Algorithm Paper

Hole-robust wireframe Detection

Naejin Kong (Samsung); Kiwoong Park (Samsung Electronics); Harshith Goka (Samsung Research)


Best Paper, Honorable Mention

Strumming to the Beat: Audio-Conditioned Contrastive Video Textures

Medhini Narasimhan (UC Berkeley); Shiry Ginosar (UC Berkeley); Andrew Owens (U Michigan); Alexei A Efros (UC Berkeley); Trevor Darrell (UC Berkeley)


Best Application Paper

CharacterGAN: Few-Shot Keypoint Character Animation and Reposing

Tobias Hinz (Adobe Research); Matthew Fisher (Adobe Research); Oliver Wang (Adobe Systems Inc); Eli Shechtman (Adobe Research, US); Stefan Wermter (University of Hamburg)